Hello “.NET Core” World!

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Recently I had a chance to look into an application that processes incoming data in a form of files.

I found it’s quite a good time to have a play around with the .NET Core as I only have heard about it so far till now.

So what are the scenarios to cover:
1. The application needs to fetch x number of files at a time
2. The application needs to be able to perform synchronization for the fetch, as we may either run multiple processes and/or multiple threads

I managed to complete the code simply by coding the same exact way (linq, cw, read file, etc) as I would normally do for .Net Framework app.

The only difference at the end is the output for .Net Core console app is apparently a dll rather an exe as in .Net Framework Console app.
The execution is by calling a dotnet[.exe] [dll name]


It’s been fun to get that kind of small app running without any fuss!

Here’s the link to the project/code.


One thought on “Hello “.NET Core” World!

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