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Setting up notepad++ for haskell programming

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I have been playing with Haskell for the past few weeks now, since I enrolled in “Introduction to Functional Programming” at It’s quite interesting and challenging at the same time for me as I have always been doing imperative programming such as C#, so it does take some efforts for me to digest the language.

I started with GHCi where I can interactively play with haskell expressions then tried (Linux) VI editor but I found opening 2 windows/tabs (1 for editing and 1 for compile/run) was just somewhat inconvenience.

After searching and trying couple of other code editors for a while, I finally stick with Notepad++, because it allows 1 single shortcut/click to compile/run the haskell code (sweet!). There are IDEs as well but I didn’t try much as code editor is quite sufficient for me now.

This is pretty useful as what you can see below, I can just press Ctrl+F6 which will open a console + run the main + terminate the app in 1 go. It’s up to us how we want to run the app, for example “ghci -XHaskell98 helloWorld.hs” will load the module and display the GHCi in the console for further user interactive input.


1 other notable IDE that is really good is the FP Haskell Centre which is online and can even be integrated to github.